Incredible moment 30 hippos attack a crocodile in Serengeti to protect baby

Hippos are not typically considered the most energetic of animals. But when one of their own is in danger you can be sure that their protective instincts will kick in.

A new video has emerged of a herd of hippos bandying together in the Serengeti to take down a crocodile threatening attack on its young

The group of more than 30 hippos are seen piling on the crocodile and holding it underwater while two baby hippos are sheltered in the background.

When the crocodile re-emerges from the water next to the two babies, one of the adults is then quick to capture it in its teeth and tackle it down.

Harish Kumar, a 71-year-old retired sonographer, who recorded the footage said the babies were saved but the crocodile later swam away unharmed.

He recalled to how he was traveling with a tour group when the incident unfolded.

A group of more than 30 hippos are captured on video taking down a crocodile as it threatens attack on their herd

Harish Kumar, a 71-year-old former sonographer, was on holiday when he captured the attack on camera

‘We were traveling in a Dutch group of about 18 people. It was a gorgeous day and we only had two days of holiday left.

‘Our guide took us out on a drive to the place called Hippo Pool, in the Serengeti.

‘We were all just strolling around when suddenly my wife called me to tell me that something was going on there in the pool, with the huge pod of hippos.

The crocodile later re-emerges further off in the water, close to some baby hippos, but its then captured in the teeth of an adult

The gnashing crocodile is held steady in the hippo’s mouth. Mr Kumar said the crocodile later escaped unharmed

‘I excitedly ran to get there and immediately started filming – there wasn’t even time to get the tripod set up.

‘Luck was absolutely on my side as I was able to stand with my camera in the right place to film. This was just an unbelievable sighting.

‘The crocodile somehow managed to maneuver himself into the middle of a pod of angry hippos. These guys wanted him out of their territory at once.

‘The croc was completely outnumbered and found himself being thrown around and bitten by the hippos.

‘Luckily he managed to get away unharmed. This was a right time right place encounter.’

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