Iron Man’s New ULTRON Armor is Absolutely Disturbing

By hoangvinh / September 20, 2019

Iron Man proves that sometimes the suit makes the man, with an armor for every occasion–and every threat. From the famous Hulkbuster to his more recent Godbuster armor, there’s no scenario Tony Stark hasn’t planned for (and that was before he became an artificial intelligence). But neither can compare to the unpredictable, but absolutely poetic horror of The Ultron Buster.

The name may give readers the image of Ultron as presented in the MCU, but in the world of comics that villain has long since transformed into Ultron Pym, the result of Hank Pym fusing with Ultron. And when this dark hybrid finally comes calling in Tony Stark: Iron Man #16, it’s no surprise Tony has a suit specifically for the threat. But just as Hank Pym has become a dark inversion of Tony’s mixture of tech and flesh, the Iron Man armor designed to beat the villain… may actually become him. We hope Avengers fans are sitting down for this one.