Find out more about WOA Fairy Tales

Hastag: #woa  Published 04-01-2023

WOA Fairy Tales engages teenagers aged from 13 to 18 years old. The channel's content is divided into these categories: fable, folktale, magical, mythic, legend, and narrative.

WOA Fairy Tales has a huge following on social media with 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube.  WOA Fairy Tale conveys the content of famous fairy tales around the world using a narrative style with fantasy and myth elements to increase the attractiveness of the story and make meaningful lessons become more interesting. WOA Fairy Tales content revolves around familiar characters such as princes, princesses, kings, stepmothers, witches, etc., along with anthropomorphic images of objects and creatures. 




The mystery in the legend and the magical element is recreated, all of which have contributed to making the script more attractive than ever, especially for the young people in the audience. Content provides viewers with significant value and high levels of entertainment, as well as bringing educational principles to life, imparting valuable life lessons, and fostering mental development in young people.


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