“The most important thing about animation - the line of sight and form” workshop was organized successfully

Published: 23-02-2023

On February 21, 2023, S-CONNECT Vietnam and Digital Content Creation Alliance with Youngsan University, Vandal Studio (Korea) successfully organized the online workshop “The most important thing about animation - the light of sight and form”. 

This workshop is the first event held after Sconnect (Vietnam) and Vandal Studio (Korea) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on February 20. The workshop was attended by nearly 300 spectators (including offline audiences at Sconnect office).

The workshop was organized online via the Zoom platform

Professor Andy Ryu (Ryu Soo-Hwan) of Youngsan University shared his thoughts and experiences in designing successful animated characters. Besides, he had a lively discussion with the audience attending the event. 

This workshop provided useful information for employees who work in content production industries such as animation, cinema, games, digital content, and managers. Hopefully, in the future, SCONNECT and Vandal Studio will have another chance to organize workshops, talk shows, and seminars.

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