Bringing Vietnamese cultural values to the world with the new series “Trang Quynh: Childish Times”

Published: 27-09-2023

On August 25, 2023 in Hanoi, the launching ceremony of the 3D animation project "Trang Quynh: Childish Times" took place, jointly organized by Sconnect and Alpha Animation Studio.

In recent years, the development of cultural industries has led to significant progress for animation production businesses in Vietnam. With the desire to put Vietnam on the world animation map, Sconnect Vietnam and Alpha Animation Studio have collaborated to produce a 3D animation project about to be released to the public globally "Trang Quynh: Childish Times" on a large scale of up to 450 episodes. 

Signing ceremony to cooperate in producing the 3D animation project: Trang Quynh: Childish Times

During the launch event, Mr. Ta Manh Hoang, Founder and CEO of Sconnect Vietnam, and Mr. Trinh Lam Tung, Director and Founder of Alpha Animation Studio, shared their aspirations to put Vietnam on the world animation map. United by a common purpose and mission to elevate "Made in Vietnam" animation to international standards, Sconnect and Alpha Animation Studio joined hands in co-producing the "Trạng Quỳnh: Childish Times" project, marking a significant milestone in the collaboration between two leading and experienced entities in the field of animation production in Vietnam.

Mr. Ta Manh Hoang, Founder and CEO of Sconnect Vietnam

"Trang Quynh: Childish Times" tells humorous and light-hearted stories about the adventures of a boy named Quynh and his friends. With the intelligent, mischievous, and innocent qualities of a playful child, Quynh, along with his companions, promises to offer audiences a vibrant experience of 18th-century Vietnamese rural folklore, showcasing various bonds such as family, friendship, teacher-student relationships, and neighborhood ties, all deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture.

We hope that "Trang Quynh: Childish Times" will become a unique, educational, and value-rich mental feast for audiences, especially young viewers, both within and beyond Vietnam.


3D Animation Project: "Trang Quynh: Childish Times"

▶︎ Producers: Sconnect Vietnam, Alpha Animation Studio

▶︎ Distributor: WOA Network

▶︎ Genres: Comedy, Action, Education

▶︎ Scale: 450 episodes, with multiple versions for multi-platform release: Social media, OTT/IPTV, and theaters.

▶︎ Watch the exciting adventures of "Trang Quynh: Childish Times" at Trạng Quỳnh Thời Nhí Nhố - Phim Hoạt Hình 3D youtube channel.

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