Welcome the month of love and thousands of attractive offers with Woa Store

Published: 10-03-2024

Woastore.vn - The month of love is here, parents; let's join Woa Store to send happiness to little angels with the Wolfoo product set.

From March 1 to March 31, Woa Store offers a "Month of Love - Full of Promotions" program with countless attractive gifts and deals. Parents and young fans should not miss the opportunity to "close orders" for Wolfoo-branded toys at incredibly bargain prices!


Exploding flash sale congress on Shopee Mall Woa Store

On March 15 and March 25, at Woa Store's Shopee Mall, there will be a special sale program. Wolfoo-branded toys and appliances will receive discounts of up to 40%.

Wolfoo branded toys and appliances have attractive discounts of up to 40%


The Wolfoo storybook set - one of the hot items will be "launched" with impressive discounts of up to 40% at Shopee Mall on March 15 and 25. With various genres such as story, IQ, life skills books... Wolfoo and his friends will bring valuable and exciting knowledge, arousing children's love of learning from childhood to infancy. Nurture outstanding creativity so your child can confidently handle life situations quickly.

Wolfoo bilingual books have attractive discounts of up to 40% on March 15 and 25 at Woa Store's Shopee Mall.


To develop thinking and improve communication skills in children, parents cannot miss the opportunity to "close orders" for super cute stuffed animal products for children with a 35% discount. When playing with teddy bears, your baby will have a great entertainment space to create engaging stories with friends and share with relatives. This activity brings relaxing moments after stressful studying hours, makes connections, and increases interaction with family.

Wolfoo stuffed animal products have special offers for children in the upcoming flash sale on March 15 and March 25


Woa Store has many other products with attractive offers that everyone can discover at the Shopee Mall booth on March 15 and 25. Parents, don't miss the opportunity to buy your children Wolfoo-branded toys and educational and entertainment items at great prices!


Free Wolfoo Sticker set for orders worth over 200,000 VND

The Shopee e-commerce platform and Woa Store also apply promotional programs with attractive gifts when shopping directly at the store on the 3rd floor of Vinhomes Smart City Shopping Center. Parents and children can own Wolfoo-branded toys and appliances at "extremely bargain" prices. Besides, Woa Store gives away 01 sets of Wolfoo stickers with orders worth 200,000 VND or 03 sets with orders worth 300,000 VND.

Wolfoo stickers will be included with orders worth over 200,000 VND when shopping at Woa Store.


The program at Woa Store only applies from March 4 to March 15, and parents should quickly take advantage of this promotion.

Woa Store is a reputable brand that provides high-quality Wolfoo products with Vietcert certification that are safe for children. The product system inspired by Wolfoo cartoon characters is well received by parents and children not only in the S-shaped land but also by many Wolfoo fans worldwide.

With the mission of connecting cartoon characters with real life, Woa Store provides comprehensive educational products that develop good qualities and necessary skills for children through opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

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