WOA Network represents Vietnam attending the 2023 KOCCA B2B Networking Conference

Published: 14-11-2023


On October 30 - 31, 2023, Sconnect, the owner of WOA Network, had the opportunity to participate in the meaningful "2023 KOCCA B2B Networking" event to share about the creative content industry, amusement park, and tourism industries with the participation of representatives from three countries: Vietnam - Korea - Cambodia.

2023 KOCCA B2B Networking press conference panels


Representatives participating in the program include:

- Director of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia - Mr. Yin Nat

- Representative of AZ Group (Cambodia) - Mr. Bilal Ismail Erkan

- Director of Binh Duong WTC New World Center (Vietnam) - Ms. Huynh Dinh Thai Linh

- General Director of Sconnect (Vietnam) - Mr. Ta Manh Hoang

- Sales Director of Sconnect (Vietnam) - Ms. Tran Thi Lan Chi


At the conference, representatives of organizations discussed outstanding trends in the animation industry. Mr. Ta Manh Hoang - CEO of Sconnect Vietnam, was honored to share the outstanding achievements that Sconnect Vietnam has achieved recently.

Mr. Ta Manh Hoang - CEO of Sconnect Vietnam


This is an opportunity to meet and network with leading experts in the animation industry worldwide. This shows that Sconnect Vietnam and WOA Network are becoming an essential part of shaping the future of the global animation industry.

Outstanding achievements that Sconnect Vietnam has achieved recently


At the event, the director of KOCCA Vietnam also shared that in the coming time, the development of the Korean creative and cultural content industry will not only be promoted in the Vietnamese market but also in three parties through many events and programs in other countries.

▶︎ Let's look forward to creative products from WOA Network in the near future!

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