Trang Quynh: Childish Times - A Landmark in Vietnamese 3D Animation

Published: 14-03-2024

Inspired by the legendary folk character Trạng Quỳnh, known for his wit and wisdom, WOA Studio and Alpha Animation Studio have joined forces to co-produce the "Trang Quynh: Childish Times"

Reviving Tradition with Modern Technology

Leveraging cutting-edge 3D animation technology, the series brings to life the vibrant world of 18th-century rural Vietnam, offering a visual feast highlighting traditional Vietnamese architecture, customs, and values. Each episode is a standalone story filled with humor, showcasing the clever antics of Quỳnh and his friends as they navigate through the colorful life of the countryside, emphasizing the importance of community, family bonds, and moral values.

Cultural Heritage Meets Contemporary Art

"Trạng Quỳnh thời Nhí Nhố" not only entertains but also educates, embedding Vietnamese cultural heritage, folk games, proverbs, and historical philosophy into its narrative. The series is a bold initiative by Alpha Studio to assert Vietnam's capability to produce high-quality 3D animation that resonates with global audiences while staying true to its roots.


The impressive 3D setting of the animated film "Trang Quynh: Childish Times"

A Vision Beyond Animation

While "Trang Quynh: Childish Times" is initially set for online streaming, spanning an impressive 450 episodes, the production team harbors ambitions of bringing a 3D animated film version to cinemas. Despite the challenges associated with theatrical releases, this dream signifies a broader ambition: to introduce Vietnamese folklore and cultural narratives to a global audience through animation​​. This series is not just an entertainment product but a bridge connecting Vietnam's past and future, showcasing the country's creative potential on the global stage.

"Trang Quynh: Childish Times" stands as a beacon of Vietnam's animation industry, a testament to the creativity, technical skill, and cultural pride of its creators. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Vietnam with "Trạng Quỳnh thời Nhí Nhố," where tradition and modernity come together in a spectacular 3D animation experience.

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