Weekly news: SCONNECT Academy organized a workshop

Published: 03-01-2023

On December 27th, SCONNECT Academy held a workshop titled: “Some basic issues of professional directions”. The workshop aims to share expertise in the production stages at SCONNECT. It helped staff who are working as Writers, Animators, Storyboards, and Arts better understand their work, standardize some basic knowledge as well as improve their professional skills towards new ones. 


sconnect academy's workshop

                                   Speaker Trinh Lan Tung shared knowledge in the workshop

More than 50 SCONNECT employees as well as speaker Trinh Lam Tung attended this workshop. When the speaker and the audience exchanged ideas and questions, the workshop's environment became highly lively. The sharing of speaker Trinh Lam Tung, also helped the guests to understand more deeply about the profession.


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