Experience “WOLFOO IN CANIFA 2023” collection

Published: 12-10-2023

The "handshake" of two Vietnamese brands to create a lovely collection together, accompanying the story of children daring to dream far - having fun exploring. The origin of this special relationship is from Vietnamese pride. A Vietnamese animation studio translated into 17 languages with the desire to bring valuable lessons to children around the world. A fashion brand for over 20 years with a continuous journey of discovery, refinement, and efforts to improve traditional materials to approach international quality. 

Beyond the mission of spreading Vietnamese values, Wolfoo and Canifa want to work together to create the best quality products for the VIETNAMESE FUTURE GENERATION.

▶︎ Wolfoo & Lucy wolf prints travel to every land via fun buses or magical flying carpets. It is an encouragement for children to dare to dream and constantly explore. Because every child's dream - no matter how high or far away - still deserves to be cherished. Starting from unique prints, Canifa gives your baby the confidence to make their dreams come true.

WOLFOO IN CANIFA 2023 Collection

▶︎ Quality from premium pure ingredients cares for your baby's skin: smooth, warm but breathable, making your baby comfortable every day.

WOLFOO IN CANIFA 2023 Collection

▶︎ And above all, to raise HAPPY CHILDREN, you always need at least one companion. Besides parents and relatives, we hope WOLFOO IN CANIFA will be a special friend who is always by your child's side during class days, in all fun, and all activities.


A complete set of items with eye-catching color palettes, on-trend designs, and impressive prints are waiting for your baby to discover. Let's go to Canifa to choose clothes right away!

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