The journey of young Vietnamese people to conserve, preserve, and honor the soul of Vietnamese culture through the products “Trang Quynh: Childish times”

Published: 16-02-2024

WOA Network and Alpha Studio have cooperated to implement the project  “Trang Quynh: Childish Times” - a passionate effort to preserve and honor the soul of Vietnamese culture through a new and creative lens.

On Giap Thin 2024, WOA Studio and Alpha Studio cooperated to produce an awe-inspiring Tet animated series, "Trang Quynh: Childish Times," specifically for small audiences.

"Trang Quynh: Childish Times" is not just an ordinary entertainment product. This is a cultural project, a meaningful journey to retell the stories of Trang Quynh - a beloved folk character, through humorous and creative details while retaining traditional cultural values.

Behind the vividness of each character and each scene is a whole process of hard work and creativity by a talented production team. The production team has constantly strived to make each episode an entertaining story and cultural and educational work. Come join Quynh and us to explore the exciting post-production journey of "Trang Quynh: Childish Times" and meet the silent people trying their best to preserve and honor Vietnamese culture!

Discover the secret behind the scenes of the Tet film series "Trang Quynh: Childish Times”

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