“Digital Content Creators for the Community” category - VCA 2023

Published: 07-10-2023

VCA 2023 honors "Digital Content Creators for the Community" to recognize Content Creators who create positive content and bring good change to the community.

The strong spread of the cross-border platform, combined with the creativity of Content Creators has increased the value of digital creative products. In the digital environment, content products are increasingly being invested in more carefully, with more and more attractive and positive content. Many Content Creators have become figures with a positive influence not only on the online community but also as inspirational figures and examples for fans to learn from in real life.

VCA 2023 honors "Digital Content Creators for the Community" to recognize Content Creators who post positive content, convey rich messages in humanistic meaning, promote cultural, educational values, positive education, and create good change among the public as well. This is also the premise and internal force for healthy content to attract the public, indirectly contributing to eliminating bad content and "purifying" the digital environment.


- Enterprises/organizations/individuals producing digital content established in Vietnam; having a legal representative in Vietnam or a Vietnamese individual; Foreigners with permanent residence cards in Vietnam.
- Are authors who own and post digital content products with positive content, high social significance, profound humanity, and spreading positive values to the Vietnamese community.
- Encourage authors to send data demonstrating the results of the product's impact on the audience.

Criteria for entering the Digital Content Creator for the Community category


- Besides the authors submitting registrations, organizations or individuals can send NOMINATIONS of bright candidates for the Organizing Committee to vote on.
- The VCA 2023 jury board can also review and select potential candidates, including businesses/organizations/individuals producing content that meets the criteria of the category for voting and awarding. However, the Organizing Committee still encourages candidates to proactively submit applications so that the Organizing Committee can evaluate accurately and thoroughly to select factors worthy of being honored.

Right to Nominate and Nominee in the Digital Content Creators for the Community category


Candidates for this category are unlimited, from professional content creators to amateurs. Each author or group can enter many categories, and there is no limit to the number of entries.

☞ Instructions for submitting application documents: Click here

▶︎ Applications will be received from September 12 to November 30, 2023 to November 30, 2023

▶︎ Candidates interested in participating are kindly requested to submit their applications online through the Award's Information Portal

▶︎ The award ceremony is scheduled to take place at the end of December 2023 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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