Dual Vietnam Records in Animation was established for the Very First Time!

Published: 08-01-2024

On January 6, 2024, in Ho Chi Minh City, within the framework of the 53rd Vietnam Record Holders Meeting program, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Record Organization (VIETKING), Sconnect Vietnam was awarded honored and certified 2 Vietnamese records: "The unit that owns the largest number of copyrights related to Vietnamese Cartoons (127 copyrights)" and "Wolfoo - Vietnamese Cartoons released in multiple languages" language on the YouTube platform with the most episodes."


Sconnect is an enterprise established in 2014 that produces and trades content services on online platforms (Make Money Online - MMO). The company's digital content products span many fields and aspects of life, but the most prominent is the animation segment, which is the main content segment and brings the most achievements to Sconnect.

Applying diverse technologies to animation production such as 2D, 3D, 2D Frame by Frame, Stopmotion, or Live-action, Sconnect owns up to 13 animation IPs (intellectual property assets) and a generation system of more than 15,000 channels and attracts billions of regular followers every month.

With the specific characteristics of producing and trading products on the Internet, copyright registration for production resources is an activity that the company always focuses on. Each animated IP has many components that need copyright protection, such as worldviews, movie scenes, or character designs. Therefore, the subjects that need to register Sconnect's copyright are vast and must be carried out in order of priority.

Until now, Sconnect's most prominent animated IP is the wolf character set Wolfoo, a cartoon character loved by hundreds of millions of children worldwide.

The long-running animated film Wolfoo was researched by Sconnect in 2014 and officially released to global viewers in mid-2018. Up to now, Wolfoo has produced 3,700 episodes ranging in length from 3 -5 minutes (on average, 25 new episodes are released each month), translated into 17 languages with more than 20,000 videos. Wolfoo is released on multiple platforms: Social networks (YouTube, TikTok, Facebook), television (SCTV, FPT Play, Chinese television), released on NetFlix, and more than 40 OTT/IPTV platforms in many countries.

Ms. Lai Thi Mai, Licensing Director of Sconnect Vietnam (red shirt), represented to receive two Vietnamese Records in the field of animation on January 6, 2024

Not only conquering audiences on digital platforms, Sconnect also boldly invested in a theatrical version, and the movie "Wolfoo and the Mysterious Island" was officially released to audiences in cinemas nationwide on October 13, 2023, "Wolfoo and the Mysterious Island" made its mark as the first Vietnamese animated film to be commercially released in cinemas. After only 1 week of release, according to data from Box Office Vietnam, "Wolfoo and the Mysterious Island" ranked in the Top 3 box office revenue.

After nearly 5 years of development, the total number of Wolfoo followers on YouTube channels has reached almost 100 million regular followers, bringing in more than 41 billion views across the channel system.

Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) was established in 2004 and is the first and only record organization to search, record, and develop Vietnamese records. VietKings was born to find and honor Vietnam's peak values to the world. At the same time, it affirms outstanding achievements and values, evoking national pride and position in the international arena.

The first two animation record sets drive Sconnect to continue promoting production and business activities, striving to mark many other impressive achievements in the rapidly growing animation market and become a potential "piece of cake."

Units that have established Vietnam Records will be honored on January 6, 2024

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