Little Ria Rabbit Officially Debuts in Vietnam Through Successful Collaboration Between WOA Network and Ontamo Entertainment

Published: 15-04-2024

Ria Rabbit', the little bunny from India, to the vibrant landscapes of Vietnam through a collaboration between WOA Network and Ontamon Entertainment. 🎊

A New Venture by WOA Network and Ontamo Kids

'Ria Rabbit' invites viewers into the enchanting world of a sprightly six-year-old rabbit, Ria, as she navigates the wonders and challenges of life alongside her loving family and friends. The series, already beloved across the globe, has captured the hearts of millions with its relatable stories and vibrant animation, now accessible on various online platforms in multiple languages.

Our commitment at WOA Network is to bring quality entertainment to our audience continuously, and the introduction of 'Ria Rabbit' to Vietnam is a step towards enriching the imaginations of our young spectators. We are excited to unfold a world where wonder meets whimsy, and every episode is a journey through a kaleidoscope of adventures.

Stay tuned to our website for the latest Ria Rabbit and WOA Network updates. Your portal to a magical viewing experience is just a hop away!

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